Rona Murray

Rona MurrayRona Murray was born in London, England, in 1924. She spent her early childhood in India and immigrated to Canada in 1932. Since then, she has travelled the world extensively. She was educated at the University of British Columbia as well as the University of Kent, Canterbury, where she received a Ph.D. in English Literature.

She has taught English and creative writing at a number of colleges and universities throughout British Columbia. Dr. Murray is the author or editor of fouteen books, including four collections of poetry: The Enchanted Adder (1965), The Power of the Dog (1968), Selected Poems(1974), and Ootischenie (1974).

Her play, Blue Duck's Feather and Eagledown was performed in the 1958 Centennial celebrations of British Columbia, and her poems and stories have appeared in many magazines and anthologies in North America. Dr. Murray passed away in 2002.

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Titles by the Author

Memory of Elsewhere

Rona Murray searches for meaning in the aftermath of a near-fatal car accident she survived five years ago. A fascinating, wide-ranging, thought-provoking reflection.

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An Anthology of Six New Female Poets
edited by Rona Murray
works by Barbara Colebrook Peace, Dorothy Field, Alisa Gordaneer, Kelly Parsons, Suzanne Steele, and Susan Stenson

Open this book at any page and you will find a poem worth reading. The six writers in this fine anthology may not be well known, but they are not "beginners"; they are skilled and confident and intelligent. Reading their work is, to quote Barbara Peace, like "opening silence." Rona Murray is to be congratulated for bringing together such excellent work in this collection.

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