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Julie WhiteJulie lives on a horse farm in Armstrong with her husband, Robert, a former jockey, where they raise thoroughbreds for racing and jumping. She rides every day and competes in jumping classes at horse shows, often against her two grown daughters. She's a Pony Club examiner, riding instructor and course designer. Julie White's first book, The Secret Pony, received an Our Choice Award and was nominated for a Chocolate Lily Award.

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Titles by the Author

Under the Wire

"They're our horses and I should be on them!"

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When Reid Widmark's jockey mother takes a fall, their barn and the horses they train become Reid's responsibility. He's fine with it: he was practically born on a horse, and he's always been his mother's right-hand man. He'll hold the fort until she comes back, and then he'll be back on track toward his own future as a jockey.

Or so he thinks. Bit by bit, his life starts changing. People he thought were friends start taking over. His leg-up on

Reid's steaming mad and ready to take off when his new friend Ella steps in. She helps him see reason - then spots a big chance that may give Reid everything he's dreamed of. Can he prove to everyone - his mother, their friends, and this unknown horse and her owners - that Reid Widmark's got what it takes to get in first under the wire?Carmina, the best horse in his mother's barn and his chance at the big stakes, is taken away. And when his mother comes back, she drops a bomb: she's getting out of the jockey business and wants Reid to get out, too.

Julie's intimate familiarity with the world of horses shines through, bringing a vivid realism to her engaging, exciting stories.

184 pp • 5.25 x 7.75
ISBN 1-55039-198-5 • paper • $9.95
ages 10+

Riding Through Fire

As they stared, the smoke clouds began to glow, ruby and vermilion tongues of flame flickering in their bellies. In the short time they'd been down in the gully, fire had staked claim on the mountain

Faye Marsh is out show-jumping for Lawrence Devries, and twelve-year-old Kirsty's still working for Lucy at the ranch. She doesn't mind, really - she and her pony Lancelot would be nowhere without Lucy. So when Kirsty's asked to help with a cattle round-up, she agrees, even though she's nervous. This kind of riding is completely new. Can Lancelot handle it? Can Kirsty?

It's just bad luck that her round-up partner is fourteen-year-old Jesse, who treats her like an idiot. Jesse has had every advantage Kirsty can imagine: a family ranch, riding every summer. Why does he have such an attitude problem? Doesn't he realize that Lancelot and Kirsty are new at this? Soon she's steaming mad - and Jesse has disappeared.

When she finds him, it's too late: a forest fire is bearing down on them. In peril, Kirsty and Jesse have to cooperate - and trust the horse sense of the amazing Lancelot - to ride through the fire and out to safety.

Fans of The Secret Pony and High Fences will be delighted by this companion novel about Kirsty and her beloved pony, Lancelot. Readers new to Julie White are sure to become fans of the author's perfectly evoked world of young riders—and its complicated friendships.

160 pp • 5.25 x 7.75
ISBN 1-55039-199-2 • paper • $9.95
ages 8 - 12

High Fences

Robin is a pony in a million. He'll do anything Faye asks him to do, and Faye loves him with all her heart.

Then the farm truck breaks down and there's no money to pay for repairs. Faye's grandmother Lucy starts talking about selling the farm. So Faye does the unthinkable. She agrees to sell Robin, a piece of her heart going with him.

Fans of The Secret Pony will be delighted by this companion novel about Kirsty's friend Faye. Readers new to Julie White are sure to become fans of the author's perfectly evoked world of young riders—and its complicated friendships.

Buy from Store168 pp • 5.25 x 7.75
ISBN 1-55039-163-1 • paper • $9.95
ages 8 - 12

The Secret Pony

Kirsty's got a secret--a big, four-legged secret . . .

When they moved out to the country after the divorce, Mom promised Kirsty a pony of her own. Then Lancelot practically drops in her lap, and Kirsty empties her money box to buy him. He's skinny and starved and only half trained for riding. But he's hers, all hers, and Kirsty is overwhelmed with joy.

Juvenile Fiction • 160 pp • 5¼ x 7¾ Buy from Store
ISBN 1-55039-148-8 • paper • $7.95
Ages 8 - 12

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