Dorothy Field

Dorothy Field is a visual artist as well as a writer. Besides several books of poetry, she is the author of a children's book, In the Street of the Temple Cloth Printers, and Paper and Threshold, both of which have grown out of her frequent travels in Asia. She lives in Victoria beside a seedling Garry oak.

Titles by the Author

The Blackbird Must Be

By Dorothy Field

The first half of this stirring and evocative collection chronicles the dissolution of a marriage that begins with love, hope, and trust on an Edenic farm on Vancouver Island and ends in betrayal, regret, and sorrow. The second half leaps into the marvelous and surreal world of the Garry oak tree in the poet’s back yard.

Taken as a whole, these poems speak to our lives after disappointment and the way we must continue to “Fling open the shutters, spread/the table, room/for all.”

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The Blackbird Must Be.

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The Blackbird Must Be.


An Anthology of Six New Female Poets
edited by Rona Murray with Barbara Colebrook Peace, Alisa Gordaneer, Kelly Parsons, Suzanne Steele, and Susan Stenson

Open this book at any page and you will find a poem worth reading. The six writers in this fine anthology may not be well known, but they are not "beginners;" they are skilled and confident and intelligent. Reading their work is, to quote Barbara Peace, like "opening silence." Rona Murray is to be congratulated for bringing together such excellent work in this collection.

Wearing My People Like a Shawl

Reading Dorothy Field's second collection of poems, "Wearing My People Like a Shawl," is like entering a rich, digressive, passionate, multi-layered novel, at the heart of which is the individual in search of self. Field's physical journey takes her to Israel, the American deep south, India, New York and Western Canada.

At the same time, these poems attempt to penetrate the past, the complex and indecipherable lives of her parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents. In an attempt to understand her family's often confusing and conflicted relationship to their Jewishness, Field revisits her fifties childhood, becoming again the sharply observant child.


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