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An avid outdoors person, Ann Alma lives on a hobby farm in the Kootenay mountains of British Columbia, with her dog, a border collie named Shira. Her books have received many awards, including the Canadian Children's Book Centre's "Our Choice" Award, a Red Maple, and two Silver Birch Award nominations.


Titles by the Author

Summer of Changes

When her mother is no longer able to take care of her, eleven-year-old Anneke takes her border collie, Sheera, and moves to a cave near her home in the Kootenay mountains. Although she knows how to survive and stay hidden in the woods, she is shaken by a close encounter with a cougar and a terrifying thunderstorm. Anneke may need to turn to the kind foster parents she stayed with several years earlier, but they are poor substitutes for the mother she misses so much. Why can’t the doctors find the right medication to control her mother’s schizophrenia?

Juvenile, 172 pp, 5¼ x 7¾
ISBN 1-55039-120-8, $8.95


Summer of Adventures

Book Two in the Summer Series

For twelve-year-old Anneke, the summer has brought uncertainty and change. Her dream of creating a home with her mother, who has schizophrenia, seems increasingly remote. When Anneke's foster parents offer her the possibility of adoption, she must face some difficult choices. Her struggle to discover where she really belongs takes a new direction after she rescues a Japanese carving, a netsuke, from a rushing river, a direction that leads Anneke and her friend Ken to the Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre and then into the beautiful, unforgiving Kootenay mountains. Lost in the wild, the two friends, accompanied by Anneke's dog, Sheera, must draw on all their strength and courage to survive. In the end, both Anneke and Ken will discover what family really means.

JUVENILE FICTION, 160 pp, 5.25 x 7.75
ISBN 1-55039-122-4, paper, $7.95
Recommended for ages 9 - 12, Bookmarks available



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